A next generation
gene therapy company

At ViGeneron, we are dedicated to developing innovative gene therapies
to treat ophthalmic diseases with high unmet medical need.
Our three novel gene therapy platforms are designed to overcome the limitations of existing adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapies to

  • achieve superior delivery through less invasive administration routes
  • enable the delivery of large genes
  • modulate the expression of several genes

With our next generation vector platforms, we are creating an in-house pipeline in ophthalmic gene therapy.

Our platform can be applied to several organs and serotypes; we would like to leverage these strengths in partnerships with biopharmaceutical players in other disease areas.

The novel techniques we develop are based on well-founded scientific results. Together with leading biopharmaceutical partners we are exploring other exciting opportunities beyond ophthalmology in the fields of neuroscience, diabetes, cardiovascular and muscular diseases